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Impact Office combines industrial, technical, business and societal integration expertise in order to assure an appropriate development in line with the needs.


Impact Office Consulting is offering consulting on sustainable (business) development combined with a strategy for products & services fitting in developing countries.

The sectors we focus on are: WASH, Clean Energy, Construction and Agriculture

We assemble projects, connect with the right experts and the search for financing.

We facilitate community projects, introduce technologies & services that correspond to the local needs.




Sustainable development means development in line with the local and global needs.

- We analyse with the local communities the needs

- We involve the diaspora 

- We support local   entrepreneurship

- We bring training from Experts

- We look for the right technologies

- We promote local production and estabish transfer of technology

  • Project Assembling

  • Strategy & Organization

  • Technology Scouting​

  • Integrated Projects

  • Analysis of the Needs

  • Impact Evaluation​

  • Trade Promotion

  • Transfer of Technology

  • ​Sustainable Management

  • Community Empowerment

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